My kind of town

I just got back from Portland last night. Wanting to break up my first winter living in Saskatoon, I booked this trip a few months back deciding on a interesting city I’ve always wanted to visit over a warmer climate trip. I’ve seen a lot of American cities, and Portland is now easily way up near the top of my list of favourites with San Francisco, Philadelphia and Austin.

I packed a lot into four days – a healthy dose of simply wandering around to soak up the vibe, a basketball game, incredible street food, ample beer tastings, public art exploring, and so, so, so much coffee. I even got two days of spectacular blue skies and double digit temperatues that allowed me to see the often hidden Mount Hood and Mount St. Helens. Even when the rain came, it couldn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the city, as all it did was push me toward an indoor respite in a nearby coffee shop, bookstore or craft beer bar.

Portland had me at hello and I’m already looking forward to getting back some day. Definitely my kind of town.


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