About Me

A little over a decade ago, I sat in the Grand Place with my girlfriend (now wife) in Brussels, Belgium on my first ever night in Europe.  The day to that point had been somewhat less than stellar.  We had been detained by Belgian police at the airport because one of us accidentally left her passport on our plane.  After a couple of hours waiting in a police holding room, the passport was retrieved and we were released.  Sitting at a table with one of Europe’s most magnificent public squares and the setting sun as the backdrop, I sampled five uniquely Belgian beers over supper and had fallen head over heels, totally and madly in love with the idea of travel.  All these years later, that love affair is still going strong.

Since then, I’ve been spending all of my allotted vacation time and most of my discretionary income on experiencing the world through its food, drink, art and culture. The past few years have seen stops in Mexico, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Spain and the Czech Republic.  Added to that has been a mix of Canadian and American destinations including New York, Seattle, Chicago, Nashville, Boston, Philadelphia, Puerto Rico, Denver, San Diego, Austin, Houston, Pittsburgh, Banff, Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, Quebec City and Toronto.

Here are the places I’ve had the pleasure of visiting over the years.  Blue pins for where I’ve been, yellow for where I’m heading in the near future.  As you can probably guess, I absolutely love adding the yellow pins and then turning those yellow pins to blue.  Thanks for stopping by to read about my travels.


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