Future Travels

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” pretty accurately reflects my approach to traveling. Here’s what I have lined up and what I’m thinking about:


  • Boston – It is a city that feels a lot like a super-sized Halifax, so I’ll be very comfortable making the trek to the Atlantic coast for a few days in November. I’ll be taking in a Bruins game and will attempt to eat my body weight in seafood over four days.
  • Halifax – And because I’ll be on the east coast in Boston, I’ll take the short direct flight to Halifax for some time back in Nova Scotia with my parents for an early Xmas visit.

Thinking about:

  • Australia and New Zealand – We’ve got a boatload of airline points that should get us there and back in first class, and perhaps wrap in a few other stops along the way (Hawaii? Singapore?). The challenge – finding the points availability and the 3ish weeks away from work.
  • Western Canadian road trips – We have yet to visit Calgary, I’d like to get back to Edmonton, this time for an Oilers game, and the mountains are calling me.

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