Future Travels

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” pretty accurately reflects my approach to traveling. Here’s what I have lined up and what I’m thinking about:


  • Philadelphia, PA – This year’s baseball trip will be to Philadelphia, a city I’m very familiar with and very fond of. I’ll eat an unholy number of cheesesteaks, visit a good number of new craft breweries, and explore some urban art, but the main draw will be proudly wearing my Expos shirt and hat while nerding out at five baseball games. I’ll be leaving some extra room in my luggage for Eagles Super Bowl merchandise.
  • Toronto, ON – Does a 10 hour layover count? En route from Philly to Saskatoon, I’ll leave my bag at Pearson, hop a train downtown, sample some craft beer at a new to me brewery, then take in an afternoon Jays game to wrap up my annual baseball trip.
  • Regina, SK – It can’t be summer in Saskatchewan without at least one trip down to Regina for a Riders game. As a side benefit, I’ll be filling up the trunk of my car for the return to Saskatoon with cans of beer from Malty National, quickly becoming my favourite Saskatchewan craft brewery.
  • Edmonton, AB – My in-laws are visiting this summer and have always wanted to visit the West Edmonton Mall. We’ll all do a couple day road trip to Edmonton and pack the car with Ikea purchases for the return home.
  • New York, NY – With a late summer conference in the Big Apple, I’m going to get a mini second baseball trip by tacking on a couple of days to see a few Mets games. I’ll probably focus on Brooklyn for my exploring as I haven’t been over to that side of the bridge on my past visits to New York.
  • Portugal – Our big trip this year will be to Portugal in the fall. Lisbon and Porto will make up a good part of the visit and I’m looking forward to planning the rest of this trip while keeping my fingers crossed that the soccer schedule will grant us a match in one of the two major cities.
  • Austin, TX – This will be my second visit to Austin, a city I really enjoyed the first time around. Although predominantly a work trip, if I can swing it, I’ll add a couple of vacation days onto the end and make the short trip down the highway to San Antonio.

Thinking about:

  • 2019 winter escapes – Aside from a four day visit to Vancouver, I spent the entire winter of 2018 in Saskatoon. It was a long winter, so I can’t help but think about how to break up the next one already. Some Mexican beach time over the university holiday break will be hard to resist and I’ve always wanted to attend spring training so a February trip to Arizona may be in the cards.

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