Future Travels

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list” pretty accurately reflects my approach to traveling. Here’s what I have lined up and what I’m thinking about:


  • Halifax – I’ll be back in my old hometown to attend and present at a conference in the spring. My wife will be joining me for two days of the trip and we’ll spend some time with family and likely be surprised at how much has changed in the two years since we moved away.
  • Philadelphia (and Washington) – This year’s baseball trip will be to Philadelphia, a city I’m very familiar with and very fond of. I’ll get to see five ballgames, eat cheesesteaks, drink Yuengling and will sneak away to Washington for a quick day trip and to see a baseball game there (I may wear head to toe Expos gear to show how I feel about stealing my team away). I’ll be leaving some extra room in my luggage for Eagles Super Bowl merchandise.

Thinking about:

  • Western Canadian road trips – Edmonton, Calgary, the Rockies, maybe BC wine country, maybe northern Saskatchewan…. With family visiting us this spring and summer, we’re looking forward to showing off this beautiful part of our country and also hoping to hit an outdoor music festival. There will of course be a Riders game or two down in Regina.
  • Big trip 2018 – It is looking like a fall escape for a couple of weeks. Where to is anyone’s guess. Portugal? Ireland? Hawaii? Peru? The thinking about plans is half the fun.
  • 2019 winter escapes – Aside from a four day visit to Vancouver, I spent the entire winter in Saskatoon. It was a long winter, so I can’t help but think about how to break up next winter already. Some Mexican beach time over the university holiday break will be hard to resist and I’ve always wanted to attend spring training so a February trip to Arizona may be in the cards.

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